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Clause 30.1 applies if,because of redundancy,an employee is transferred to new duties to which a lower ordinary rate of pay applies. If the employer has agreed to a shorter period of notice than that required under clause 29.1,then no deduction can be made under clause 29.1. An employee must give the employer notice of termination in accordance with Table 1—Period of notice of at least the period specified in column 2 according to the period of continuous service of the employee specified in column 1. 27.1 Clause 27 applies if an employer proposes to change the regular roster or ordinary hours of work of an employee,other than an employee whose working hours are irregular,sporadic or unpredictable.


A low impact class to music designed to increase muscular endurance, strength, flexibility and fitness. An all-inclusive program for people who have restricted mobility and are looking to improve their strength and balance to live a more efficient and independent life. It’s aimed at people who may have reduced physical capabilities, joint challenges, lack of mobility, or other physical issues.

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The process of review must be in accordance with the procedures for assessing capacity under the SWS. D.4.3 Where an employee’s assessed capacity is 10%,they must receive a high degree of assistance and support. See clause 17—Allowances for full details of allowances payable under this award. A gymnastics coach being the holder of a current Gymnastics Australia Coach Accreditation,who has participated in 12 hours per year of recognised professional development and 3,000 hours of coaching gymnastics. The time off under clause 29.2 is to be taken at times that are convenient to the employee after consultation with the employer.


A superannuation fund or scheme which the employee is a defined benefit member of. The rights and obligations in these clauses supplement those in superannuation legislation. The employer must take all reasonable steps to enable the employee to sleep at the workplace including the provision of a bed with privacy. Access to a bathroom,toilet and a meal room must also be provided free of charge to the employee.


A low impact water exercise class designed to increase mobility and improve cardiovascular fitness with minimal stress on the joints. Specially designed for people over 50 years of age, but all welcome. Combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Our Barre classes incorporate a ballet barre and use classic dance moves such as plies, alongside static stretches. Barre focuses on high reps of small range movements and will help you build and strengthen your muscles, improve your core strength and posture. Active Communities The Active Monash team is passionate about providing opportunities for all members of our community to be physically active.

13.5 An employee must be notified by their employer of their rostered hours. At least 7 days’notice must be given by the employer to an employee of any change in their rostered hours,except in the case of an emergency. 12.2 The casual loadings prescribed by clauses 12.1 and 12.1 will not be paid for overtime hours worked.


No, at SHAiPE there is always a personal trainer on the floor to discreetly guide you and give you instructions where needed. Furthermore, you will have a private session with one of our trainers every 8-12 weeks to review progress and adapt your training plan. If you with more One on One sesssions with a Trainer you can always book them separately in addition which would come at an extra cost.

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Hours of work performed immediately before or after a part-day public holiday,that form part of one continuous shift,are counted as part of the minimum payment/engagement period in clause 25.3. The employee must take paid annual leave in accordance with a direction under clause 21.7 that is in effect. An employee appointed by the employer to perform the work of a classification higher than the employee’s usual classification must be paid at least the rate applicable to the higher classification for the hours worked at the higher level. Subject to clause 12.3,a casual employee must be engaged for a minimum period of 3 hours’work at the appropriate rate or be paid per engagement for a minimum of 3 hours’work at the appropriate rate.


This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises. It is a great class for seniors and for people who have a chronic illness. Personal Training Personal training offers a holistic approach to achieving your health and wellness goals by covering exercise guidance, nutrition advice and mindset tips which help give you the best possible outcomes. Gym Our gyms offer a wide range of cardio equipment, including a variety of plate loaded machines, free weights and squat racks to help power your workout.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Gym and Personal Training Frequently Asked Questions about the gym and personal training at Active Monash. Active Adults You’re never too old to enjoy the benefits of exercise. There are a few changes to our staffing hours and opening hours over the upcoming holiday period. Read on to see what to expect from our newest gym, plus how to score 2 FREE MONTHS of membership.


Had they remained in employment until the expiry of the notice. An employee must not unreasonably fail to comply with any direction given by the employer about performing work,whether at the same or another workplace,that is safe and appropriate for the employee to perform. 28.7 A party to the dispute may appoint a person,organisation or association to support and/or represent them in any discussion or process under clause 28. 28.1 Clause 28 sets out the procedures to be followed if a dispute arises about a matter under this award or in relation to the NES. 27.5 Clause 27 is to be read in conjunction with any other provisions of this award concerning the scheduling of work or the giving of notice.

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5.10 The employer and the employee must genuinely agree,without duress or coercion to any variation of an award provided for by an agreement. 5.8 Except as provided in clause 5.7,an agreement must not require the approval or consent of a person other than the employer and the employee. 5.2 An agreement must be one that is genuinely made by the employer and the individual employee without coercion or duress. Centre means a venue or location at which operations in the fitness industry are conducted. This Fair Work Commission consolidated modern award incorporates all amendments up to and including 15 March 2023 . TAFE NSW would like to pay our respects and acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of the land, rivers, and sea.


You will not be able to join if you are outside the specified range so check your BMI well in advance and if necessary, talk to your doctor about any lifestyle changes you may have to consider. As with all of Apple’s products and services, we have designed Apple Fitness+ with privacy in mind and to give you control over your information. All your Fitness+ workout recommendations are powered using on-device intelligence.


If the employer can offer the employee such changes in working arrangements,set out those changes in working arrangements. Provides for certain employees to request a change in their working arrangements because of their circumstances,as set out in section 65. Clause 6 supplements or deals with matters incidental to the NES provisions. 5.9 The employer must keep the agreement as a time and wages record and give a copy to the employee. 3.3 The employer must ensure that copies of the award and the NES are available to all employees to whom they apply,either on a notice board which is conveniently located at or near the workplace or through accessible electronic means.


The actual level of fitness you will be expected to reach varies greatly according to the role you’ve chosen. For instance, in combat roles the highest level is required while business-related roles require less. Attaining the fitness required to join the Navy, Army or Air Force is well within most people’s capability. The new ADF Active mobile app is the smarter, more efficient way to reach that level. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve and maintain overall health or simply have fun working up a sweat, we invite you to start your fitness journey at AFAC’s Health Club. While most don’t require any equipment, for some you may need things like dumbbells, a yoga mat, an indoor cycling bike, a rowing machine or a treadmill.

For part-time employees,all time worked in excess of the hours as agreed under clause 11.2 or varied under clause 11.3 will be overtime. 11.4 An employer is required to roster a part-time employee for a minimum of 3 consecutive hours on a shift or a minimum of 3 hours,exclusive of meal breaks,on a broken shift. 5.13 The right to make an agreement under clause 5 is additional to,and does not affect,any other term of this award that provides for an agreement between an employer and an individual employee. 5.12 An agreement terminated as mentioned in clause 5.11 ceases to have effect at the end of the period of notice required under that clause. Pursue your passion for 감성테라피마사지 and become a qualified group exercise instructor. Join an enthusiastic community of fitness professionals and help your clients improve their lives as you support their journey to better health and fitness.

Furthermore, we offer a program of weekly small classes based on our concept. Many ADF roles involve outdoor activity and a reasonable level of fitness is required. Regular exercise is an important part of service life, so you’ll get paid to keep fit.

Clause 4.5 operates subject to the exclusions from coverage in this award. With a range of offerings you can choose from to keep you on track and energised on your health journey. We offer services like body composition scans and comprehensive health assessments to help you stay on track and work towards your goals. And you can access our professional and experienced personal trainers for the extra support you need. The employer must grant paid annual leave requested by a notice under clause 21.8. An employee has an excessive leave accrual if the employee has accrued more than 8 weeks’paid annual leave.

Development of in-house training programs for instructors and co-ordinators. Has demonstrated an ability to train or develop programs for special groups. A holder of a current 스파사우나마사지 Gymnastics Australia Coach Accreditation or equivalent who has participated in 12 hours per year of recognised professional development and performed 1500 hours of coaching.


Minimum hourly rate means the minimum hourly rate prescribed in clause 15—Minimum rates. A revised timetable is in place and will be reviewed weekly as we approach normal operations. See today’s classes as well as those offered over the following six days. While your fitness is a personal thing, that doesn’t mean you have to work out alone.

If an employee does not choose a superannuation fund,any superannuation fund nominated in the award covering the employee applies. An employee required to work overtime for more than one and a half hours immediately after their ordinary hours of work must be paid a meal allowance of $12.70 unless the employer provides a meal. An employee required to work through a meal break must be paid 200% of the minimum hourly rate for all time so worked until a meal break is allowed.

Whatever your needs or circumstances, we have the people, resources, counselling and facilities to support you in focusing on your studies. We have specifically designed our spaces to create a relaxed and personal environment where you can feel comfortable in your health and fitness journey. When you’re struggling with chronic or acute health conditions that affect your day-to-day life, it can be hard to imagine adding fitness onto your agenda. That’s why we offer Medicare accredited exercise physiologists on-site to provide you with safe, comfortable and effective fitness and injury recovery plans catered towards your unique needs and goals. Defence Force Recruiting acknowledges the traditional owners of the land throughout Australia. We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging and acknowledge the important role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to play within the community and the Australian Defence Force.

Invite the employees to give their views about the impact of the proposed change on them and also invite their representative to give their views about that impact. 27.2 The employer must consult with any employees affected by the proposed change and their representatives . Be inconsistent with any leave arrangement agreed by the employer and employee. Must not be inconsistent with any leave arrangement agreed by the employer and employee. Be signed by the employer and employee and,if the employee is under 18 years of age,by the employee’s parent or guardian. In the case of any employee employed after notice has been given,notice must be given to that employee on the date they are offered employment.

Strike, punch and kick your way through calories to superior cardio fitness with a powerful role model instructor as your guide. Fawkner Leisure Centre will be closed to the public and its members from Friday 7 April 2023, for about 18 months due to redevelopment. Click the link to learn more about managing your membership. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you back soon. Login to view and update your profile, access resources and manage your registration with AUSactive. Our 24/7 gyms will continue to be open all hours this Easter long weekend so you can put that sugar rush to good use and work out when you want.

5.5 An agreement must result in the employee being better off overall at the time the agreement is made than if the agreement had not been made. Workplace Workplace training is undertaken at your place of employment or in a simulated workplace environment. Virtual classroom off campus Connect with your teacher and other students in real-time via web-conferencing at scheduled class times. Courses are made up of a combination of both core and specialty units. In the Certificate III in Fitness qualification, you’ll need to successfully complete 15 units of competency, including 11 core and 4 speciality units. TAFE NSW is committed to meeting the learning needs of every community.